Our Tardy Calculator solution is designed to arm your campus administrators with the technological tools they require to incorporate a school-based comprehensive prevention and intervention program that targets students who have a tendency for reporting late to their classes and/or committing other infractions. Tardy Calculator is used as a platform to create a technological, professional, systematic process, which promotes uninterrupted classroom education, prevention, early identification and intervention. Students who exhibit at risk behaviors that interfere with their own education, as well as that of their classmates.

Tardy Calculator has been specifically designed to identify regulated and unregulated impacts of student tardy operations. With the myriad of tools that Tardy Calculator has to offer, it allows you to assess your current performance and helps you to develop a plan to improve on that performance.

Tardy Calculator enables you to process students by simply scanning their student ID badge into the system. For schools with no ID badge system in place, students can be processed manually by simply entering the student ID number or name. Depending on the number of infractions accumulated and based on your school's tardy policy, the student will be issued automatically an Admittance Pass, and if warranted, a disciplinary notice to be sent home to the parent.

The Admittance Pass has all pertinent information necessary to return the student back to class, and notifies the teacher of any disciplinary action.

Tardy Calculator offers an extremely user-friendly graphical interface and is both informative and easy to learn. With a couple of clicks, users can quickly manage their discipline centers by tracking the infractions and the assigned disciplinary actions. The automatically-generated disciplinary rosters offer an easy and efficient way of ensuring compliance of student attendance for those infractions.

Users enjoy using Tardy Calculator's Report Manager, which has been tightly integrated into its user-friendly graphical interface. The built-in report generator provides users with the crucial information needed to conduct student/parent conferences, and/or to analyze any problematic areas. A myriad of easy to read reports can be generated in both graphical and text formats for all types of presentations. Customized intervention letters may also be generated from the Report Manager or automatically at the time of the infraction.

Tardy Calculator is easily customizable to each campus's set of infractions and related discipline policies. It offers user defined codes and rules for each type of infraction, witch allows for the adaption to your current system and/or future requirements.

Tardy Calculator can be installed as a stand-alone system or as a networked system sharing its database with any number of other workstations located throughout the campus. The networked system will require a file server to house the shared data source; whereas, the stand-alone system will operate independently from a server.

Tardy Calculator is a modular and scalable system allowing you to grow with the needs of each campus, and allows you to add additional workstations and optional software modules, at any time.

Tardy Calculator is designed to be compatible with most student information systems and offers an automated process to update its data. Tardy Calculator will be configured to perform data updates directly from your SIS on a predefined schedule.

Mobility Options

Tardy Calculator offers your campus the option of mobility through the use of a powerful handheld, Windows-based devices. The full power of Tardy Calculator is available at your finger tips while using our portable mobile unit. The handheld mobile unit is only 5" (L) x 3" (W) x 1" (D), and only weighs 8 ounces, making it the perfect tool to use for hall monitoring and other tasks that require portability. The portable Tardy Calculator connects to your data source by live mode or sync mode. While in live mode, it is connected wirelessly to your data source with a secured 802.11g/n WiFi connection point. While in sync mode, Tardy Calculator will operate as usual during its offline status. Then, it is required to be returned to a live connection to synchronize with the main Tardy Calculator database.

The portable Tardy Calculator has a built-in barcode scanner that allows the user to simply scan and start processing with ease. A portable printer allows for printing admit passes.

Since the portable Tardy Calculator has the full version of the program, it offers the ability to track all infractions and their related disciplinary actions. Many other features and benefits are included in this small device.

No matter which hardware format you may use, the flexibility of this software puts the full power of Tardy Calculator's tracking and management capabilities in the palm of your hands.