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With a proven 15 year track record, Tardy Calculator arms your school with the technological tools required to incorporate a school-based, comprehensive prevention and intervention program, targeting students with a tendency for late reporting and/or other disciplinary issues.

Tardy Calculator provides the following benefits:

- Extremely user-friendly graphical interface

- Collection of centralized data

- Establishes an automated consistent infraction policy

- Automatically notifies parents at time of infraction

- Uninterrupted classroom instruction

- Tracks disciplinary actions

- Early identification, intervention, and prevention

- Tools to assess current performance

- Assists in developing improvement plans

- Handheld mobility for remote tracking

For over 15 years, Tardy Calculator has been providing the educational market with the tools to enable school administrators to effectively track student tardiness and other school violations, with an automated student tracking management and ID Badge system. Tardy Calculator's extensive national clientele base has a successful and proven track record in helping primary, middle and high schools, dramatically decrease tardies and other school violations.

Tardy Calculator's statistics provide tremendous benefit in the reduction of student infractions, in both high school, and their respective feeder middle schools. Since tardiness is a learned trait, students in middle schools who have been exposed to Tardy Calculator, have come to learn that being late to class/school is no longer tolerated -- not only in the middle school, but also at the high school level. By implementing Tardy Calculator's enforcement at both school levels, students have been put on notice; and we believe this is the reason for the impressive results.

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