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"Tardy Calculator is single-handedly the most effective tool that I have to use in regards to student management. It is very user friendly, quick. and effective. I will not work as a principal another day without the use of Tardy Calculator."
- S. Williams, Principal

"It is a huge morale booster to teachers. It takes the difficult task of monitoring tardies away from the teacher and allows them to focus more on instruction."
- D. Trimble, Principal

"If you want students out of the hall, get Tardy Calculator. It Works!"
- S. Johnson, Principal

"“Our current student information system can’t duplicate what Tardy Calculator can do. It is really an amazing program. It has streamlined our hall sweeps and freed up a lot of time for our AP’s. ...it is well worth the price."
- W. Marsh, C.I.T.

"Tardy Calculator is excellent in tracking all the data on each and every student with a list of reports at your fingertips. It also eliminates much of the subjectivity in that each student is subject to the same discipline. It has also enabled us to gain the support of the sponsors for each student group by providing them with reports of the studentsí tardiness in their organization. Those sponsors have encouraged their students to be on-time through leverage of participation in the organizationís activities."
- H. Alexander, Assistant Principal

"I canít tell you how much time Tardy Calculator has saved me in keeping track of tardies and consequences - Great Time Saver!"
- D. McLerran, Principal

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